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Trope Bingo card!

road trip au: hooker / porn / stripper secret child au: cop / detective curtainfic
kiss to save the day au: steampunk locked in presumed dead mind control
snowed in truth or dare FREE

au: space immortality / reincarnation
de-aged slavefic au: magic au: daemons soul bonding / soulmates
secret twin / doppelganger holiday sharing a bed mistletoe kiss handcuffed / bound together

This has some of my favourite tropes! I'll probably do the second row from the top for bingo purposes, though I admit I always wanted to do a space AU for a fandom that was more fantasy than science fiction. Werewolves in space, no? Though I suspect Merlin in space would be more fun if you marry it with canon, but eh.
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[personal profile] debris_k 2013-01-19 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Kiss to save the day Sherlock/John (or Holmes/Watson)?
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Locked in. Teen Wolf. Derek with ... well, I prefer Stiles but let's give Scott a hard time for a chance. You can make it work!

OK, change that to Snowed in, because Ansku who can't even remember her DW password(!) claimed Locked in. ;)