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lavvyan ([personal profile] lavvyan) wrote2011-04-23 07:14 pm
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Things. And stuff.

The weather's being spectacular this week (god, I forgot how utterly amazing spring smells!) so I went to the market this morning and walked around between the stalls for a bit. [ profile] broet_chan gave me Gaiman's Neverwhere for Easter, which I took into the forest just outside my door to read surrounded by birdsong and sunshine. That was nice. :)

The downside of days like today is that I'm finally developing my parents' raging hayfever and the meds make me tired, so I slept a significant portion of the afternoon away. I still could go straight back to bed, but, market, so I have sesame bread and cheese and crunchy honey, all of which need to be munched on. Food, I loves it a little too much. <3

How was your day?