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2011-04-20 09:31 pm
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Last FedCon post

Before the FedCon, that is.

So, I'll be there on Friday and Saturday. Anyone who might want to meet up is welcome to ping me. I'll be the one following Berlinghoff wherever she goes. If you want to exchange mobile numbers in advance, PM me.

Anyone who absolutely does not want to meet up is also welcome to ping me and exchange mobile numbers. I'll try to make sure I'm not where you are.
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2011-04-04 05:58 pm

For fuck's sake

Where are all the fic comms on DW? I always use Monday evenings for fic-reading (for I am uuuuuuseless for anything else on a Monday), and this is getting annoying. Help? Anyone?

In other news, I'll be at FedCon on Friday and Saturday, instead of just Saturday. Taking back everything I may have said about the organisers: I actually got the free tickets they promised me for my complaint last year. 45 Euros saved and another 45 just handed over - awesome.