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2011-08-01 07:48 pm

Hamburg: fun, but far too wet

In bullet points:

- I now has a Canadian mistress (again, welcome to the harem, [personal profile] chkc, and if I could I'd have taken her home and made her cook for me every day. ♥

- [personal profile] berlinghoff79 keeps making up reasons for calling me mean only so she can kick/hit/otherwise violate me. I maintain that this is, in fact, her being mean. So there.

- Hamburg was great. It would have been even greater if it hadn't tried to drown us on the second day.

- [personal profile] chkc, this is an American: Mmmmmmm! ) You should try one, they're yummy!

- There won't be any Sherlock fic (or any fic at all, really) for a while, as I kind of fell hard and fast for Charles/Erik from X-Men: First Class even though I usually try to avoid anything with a colon in the title. Um. Your regular(ish) fan-service will be resumed later? Fic recs would be appreciated?
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2011-02-21 07:20 pm

Sherlock Flashfic!

[community profile] sherlock_flashfic, for all your Sherlock Holmes 'verse (any 'verse)-related flashfic needs! ♥

There'll be a new challenge every two weeks, which will take on the form of case files (e.g. The Case of...The Missing Shoes, The Case of... The Broken Clock, The Case Of... The Insistent Aliens). What you make of that challenge is entirely up to you. If you want to write 800 words of fic where John loses his left shoe in the first paragraph and ends up being carried around by Sherlock, that's fine. If you want to write Carl Powers's Trainers: The Missing Years from the perspective of the remaining c. botulinum bacteria in the shoelaces, that's fine too.

To quote our founder [personal profile] cesperanza:

SHORT, IMPROMPTU, LUNCH-HOUR FIC is what we want! Flex those writing muscles! Take the pressure off! Write a little something - short is good, the pleasure is in the variety of response on a theme.

(If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can get one this week without needing an invitation here, get one at the community here, or post your stories as comment!fic. We'll be setting up a post for that with each challenge.)