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The Borgias

I have no idea why I'm stuck with that show as the only one I'm watching regularly these days. It's not good. It's not charmingly bad. It's historically inaccurate (big surprise there) and tends to be more focussed on who fucks whom than on any sensible plot: "Oh noes! There is this one single conspiracy we can't seem to solve with assassination although we'll happily kill everyone else! Quick, let's send someone to have sex with someone else while we shall further ponder on the subject by having sex ourselves! Or interrupting someone else's sexytiems! Hey, look, heaving bosoms!"

It's annoying. Further, I've yet to find a character to take an interest in. The drama of "how in the world will we amass mountains of gold and cling to power" isn't really one I can relate to, nor are the less-than-subtle intrigues surrounding the main narrative, such as they are. Will Lucrezia suceed in seducing the stable lad? Will Juan ever find a princess to marry? Do I give a damn?

I loved Rome, back when it aired, for the way it made its characters come to life. It skipped a lot of things and had its issues, but it also had Vorenus and Pullo and their struggles. You know, normal(ish) people, whose problem of the day wasn't whether or not the French would make a grab for Naples. The Borgias? Have Micheletto, whose instant loyalty to Cesare doesn't even make sense (yet, one hopes). Not enough, show. Not quite enough.

And yet, I'm stuck. If I ever find enough Cesare/Micheletto slash to get over this show, I'll be happy.
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So, did you find any slash for it? Because I didn't, damn it.

Ah, Rome. Vorenus having to take back his job so he could pay his rent and feed his children. We'd all been there.