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2013-01-11 10:03 am
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Trope Bingo card!

Card! )

This has some of my favourite tropes! I'll probably do the second row from the top for bingo purposes, though I admit I always wanted to do a space AU for a fandom that was more fantasy than science fiction. Werewolves in space, no? Though I suspect Merlin in space would be more fun if you marry it with canon, but eh.
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2011-08-01 07:48 pm

Hamburg: fun, but far too wet

In bullet points:

- I now has a Canadian mistress (again, welcome to the harem, [personal profile] chkc, and if I could I'd have taken her home and made her cook for me every day. ♥

- [personal profile] berlinghoff79 keeps making up reasons for calling me mean only so she can kick/hit/otherwise violate me. I maintain that this is, in fact, her being mean. So there.

- Hamburg was great. It would have been even greater if it hadn't tried to drown us on the second day.

- [personal profile] chkc, this is an American: Mmmmmmm! ) You should try one, they're yummy!

- There won't be any Sherlock fic (or any fic at all, really) for a while, as I kind of fell hard and fast for Charles/Erik from X-Men: First Class even though I usually try to avoid anything with a colon in the title. Um. Your regular(ish) fan-service will be resumed later? Fic recs would be appreciated?